A real revolution needs strong foundations - here are ours:


  • We’re big fans of privacy. In fact, we’ve got a history of driving better privacy practices with big data - including contributing to the development of Federal data privacy policy right here in Australia (before it was cool). Globally, we partner with some of the leading minds in the field, as policies such as GDPR come into force.
  • But we don’t stop there. We believe those who respect the fundamental right to privacy - and the customers to whom the data belongs, will hold an enduring right to innovate in analytics. This is why privacy is a key part of every Data Strategy we deliver.


  • Advancements in analytics and technology at large have the potential to benefit all aspects of enterprise and government. However, the leaders in this space will recognise that these advancements, if un-checked, could leave some members of our society out in the cold.
  • We believe pushing the boundaries of what is possible should be done with one eye on the people who might get left behind - and we design our strategies with this in mind.

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