Smash Delta is a next-generation strategic technology group that brings together Commercial Strategy, Science and Design. We partner with enterprise and government organisations to drive impact at all stages of the Data and Digital value creation journey.
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Digital Design & Storytelling
Combining design thinking with the latest digital technologies to build tools & tell stories with impact
Smart Cities
Data and artificial intelligence to optimise the movement of people and goods, while developing better precincts and places
Leveraging data, technology & design to target and develop ESG capability portfolios
Generative AI
Exploring the emerging opportunities and challenges posed by generative AI to industry, government and individuals

What We Do

Data Strategy

Designing your data-enabled future

Data is the launchpad to impactful growth. To unlock it, we work to navigate the technical marketplace, target the opportunities that matter, prove what’s possible and deliver lasting capabilities for government and enterprise clients. Elements of our data strategy program include:
  • Identifying key opportunities for data-driven impact
  • Assessing internal data capabilities and assets
  • Prototyping and proving high-impact data applications
  • Developing a strategic program to drive capability and commercial growth
  • Delivery of the strategy across the organisation

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Solve & Build

Elite teams delivering real outcomes

Get traction on your toughest problems in weeks, not months. Deployment of ‘fast-twitch’ hybrid teams to architect, test and solve the toughest problems, using best-in-class analytics and technology, coupled with the latest in design thinking. Our teams deploy broad and impactful capability:
  • Commercial strategy and business analytics
  • Design thinking and co-creation
  • Data engineering and infrastructure build
  • Applied mathematics, machine learning and AI
  • Interactivity and visualisation

Executive Empowerment

The future demands leaders that have an authoritative grasp of the data landscape - and are prepared to lead from the front. Get independently empowered through our hands-on, technology agnostic programs - equipping leaders with the need-to-knows and a new licence to innovate. Our programs cut across critical industry elements such as:
  • Fundamentals of analytics, machine learning and AI
  • Fundamentals of cloud and data management
  • Data creation and sensor networks
  • Navigating the data marketplace
  • Design thinking and visualisation
  • Human Resources and comparing capabilities


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