White paper: #ToZeroAndBeyond

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White paper: #ToZeroAndBeyond

Read Smash Delta's white paper outlining how data innovation, with public partnership, can defeat COVID-19


As Australia’s efforts in stopping the spread of COVID-19 have proven largely successful, conversations are now turning to how we can safely reopen society, while still moving decisively to eradicate the disease.Today, in partnership with CEDA - Committee for Economic Development of Australia, we have released our white paper: To Zero & Beyond - on how data innovation, in partnership with the public, could enable us to achieve this.Read our launch statement on the CEDA website, and help us get the word out to enable everyone to understand how data can be harnessed to fight COVID-19 in a way that keeps individual privacy and the rights of the public at the forefront.Stay safe and keep looking out for each other,The Smash Delta Team

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