Feature: Australian Financial Review

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Feature: Australian Financial Review

Smash Delta has featured in the AFR presenting its roadmap to leverage data for pandemic preparedness and economic recovery


Smash Delta features in the Australian Financial Review with our whitepaper on how we avoid the next shutdown.Managing Director Ben Morley-John spoke with the AFR's Tom Burton to detail Smash Delta's roadmap for leveraging technology, data, and advanced analytics alongside unprecedented public partnership to provide an advanced pandemic management capability. Such a capability may be able to spring Australia forward in terms of economic recovery by preventing further widescale COVID-19 lockdowns. The key differentiating feature of Smash Delta's roadmap, compared to other technology-centric approaches to fighting COVID-19 seen globally, is the emphasis on actively partnering with the public to ensure anonymity, transparency, consent and accountability. Developing a capability that achieves these principles is the key to obtaining voluntary public buy-in, which is essential for such a capability to be successful.A radical new level of public partnership is being proposed, however there has never been a better time in our history to create a precedent for how data should be used to solve problems in a way that does not jeopardise peoples' fundamental rights and freedoms."With such a pressing need to use data in solving COVID-19, we are finally being forced to weigh up our options and see if we can find a balance between innovation and privacy." Ben Morley-John said."As a result, we now have a golden opportunity to collectively decide what our data future in Australia is going to look like."Read the full article here.

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