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iMove Webinar: 'Optimising our Freight Networks in Disruptive Times'

Watch the Smash Delta team showcase how data and analytics can be used to power freight optimisation and innovation


The Smash Delta team appears alongside leaders from the Australian Logistics Council and the Australian Roads Research Board in iMove's webinar 'Optimising our Freight Networks in Disruptive Times'.
Managing Director Ben Morley-John speaks to the for need for organisations in the freight and logistics space to innovate now more than ever as the COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally disrupts business and supply chains globally, and provides a strategy roadmap for how to do this. Senior Advisor Martin McMullan presents an insightful overview of recent market trends and disruptions in delivery logistics, particularly how technology and changing customer expectations are driving innovation in last mile freight. Director of Analytics Joshua Inatey deep dives on some of the core techniques, data assets and algorithms that can be used to power more advanced delivery processes and drive greater customer engagement and satisfaction.

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