iMove Conference Presentation

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iMove Conference Presentation

Greening the transport desert: making sure nobody misses out


On the 14th and 15th of November, Smash Delta was engaged to partner with iMove Australia for their 2022 conference. The iMove conference is a gathering for both government and non-government agencies involved in the transport sector to meet and discuss the current focuses on transport, things that need to change, and what the future of transport within Australia looks like.
Managing Director, Ben Morely-John, appeared and presented on a panel titled “Greening the transport desert: making sure nobody misses out”, exploring the concept of transport equity and how disparities in transport for disadvantaged groups are being eliminated through emerging technology and revised thinking on current processes. Ben spoke on the value public transport provides for community and why it is so important, alongside the concept of Data plus Teamwork, and how this leads to transport equity.
The power of data, through open data, sensor networks, and advanced analytics, explored the current power that data has, what the future of data looks like and how this can be beneficial for transport. This was aligned with the idea of teamwork, through engagement with the public, tech interoperability, and cross-disciplinary collaboration, the power of data can actually be realised and used to its full potential. Having the data and technology is one thing, but it takes parties coming together and collaborating to allow this data to transform transport into being equitable for all.

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