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Feature: Daily Telegraph

Smash Delta's modelling reveals the impact of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic


As the COVID-19 pandemic grows exponentially across the country and people are forced into lockdown, citizens are being asked to stay apart in order to drive infection rates down. Conversation nationally has turned to modelling as people seek to understand what the near future may hold, and what impact their actions can have over what timeframe.
In the midst of this, Smash Delta has provided to the Daily Telegraph (subsequently circulated to other major news outlets around the country) its own modelling (a custom-built compartment model extending the Susceptible-Exposed-Infected-Recovered paradigm) for NSW under various scenarios of adherence to social distancing advice.
The modelling revelead the quantum of potential lives saved to be in the tens of thousands over the next 90 days if people take health advice like seriously and strictly adhere to social distancing.
Check out the modelling, and comments from our Managing Director, Ben Morley-John here.

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