Ben Morley-John

Managing Director

As Managing Director and Co-Founder, Ben leads the Smash Delta team and works alongside client leadership to imagine, plan, test and execute meaningful and lasting change. Ben is passionate about demystifying analytics and artificial intelligence to empower senior decision-makers and their teams to tackle the questions and opportunities that matter.
Ben has spent the past several years working alongside major government and enterprise organisations to drive strategy and change in the context of analytics and artificial intelligence. This has included major data innovation programs in public transport, telecommunications and banking, alongside the development of end-to-end data strategies, open data initiatives and better privacy practices. Examples include:
  • Commercialisation of data assets for a top Australian bank
  • Organisation-wide data strategy in on demand media for an Australian broadcaster
  • Sports performance data innovation for a major Rugby League team
  • Movement analytics in Tourism and Public Transport with a leading Australian Telco
  • Transport analytics strategy and prototyping for state transit department
  • Motor vehicle analytics and product development strategy for a leading insurance organisation
Ben’s broad experience throughout Asia-Pacific and the Americas in commercial strategy across a range of industry verticals underscores his commitment to tackling technological change from a commercial lens. Notable experience includes:
  • Data management and communications strategy for leading listed Agribusiness
  • Import economics strategy for top APAC building materials company
  • Customer perception strategy for major APAC beverages company
  • Regional rail strategy for state transit authority
  • Category expansion strategy for leading Australasian retailer
  • Capital investment strategy for global mining and materials company
  • Inorganic growth strategy for major American steel corporation
The combination of his commercial and technical experience has driven his passion for bringing these disciplines together to solve meaningful problems and create opportunities in a new way.
Ben previously led Data & Analytics at L.E.K. Consulting in Australia, and has held previous roles with a range of investment banks and financial services organisations. Ben holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Auckland.

Josh Inatey

Director (Analytics)

As Director (Analytics) and Co-Founder, Joshua drives Smash Delta’s Analytics/AI capability, community and R&D. Over the past several years, Joshua has worked closely with senior leaders to demystify and prove up the technological components of the innovation landscape - while driving cutting edge applications of the discipline in a range of industry verticals.
Joshua has broad technical and strategic data experience across major government and enterprise clients in Australia. Notable examples include:
  • Data-driven technical and marketing eCommerce strategies for a major retailer
  • Organisational data strategy in on demand media for an Australian broadcaster
  • Sports performance data innovation for a major Rugby League team
  • Movement analytics in Public Transport with a leading Telco
  • Transport analytics strategy and prototyping for state transit department
  • Motor vehicle analytics and product development strategy for a leading insurance co
With a broad and deep understanding of the technical landscape - Joshua brings ‘full-stack’ analytical and engineering thinking to strategic programs. Joshua’s technical experience has been developed through a broad range of high-profile use-cases in a range of industries. Notable applications include:
  • Major data investigation and validation projects in IoT, retail, transport, sport, media and web applications - leveraging relational and non-relational databases
  • Design and development of machine learning models to drive customer insight and engagement - including decision support. Leveraging first and third party data, with custom Python workflows
  • Design and implementation of full-stack web applications, including for data visualisation and exploration - leveraging HTML5, Python and Java, as well as a range of databases and APIs
  • Design, deployment and management of local, virtual and cloud-based infrastructure, including database, storage, web and compute
  • Utilisation and implementation of GIS data systems, including analysis, storage and visualization
Joshua is passionate about driving revolutionary change in organisations - through the education and application of the latest data-analytical capabilities.
Joshua was previously Senior Data Scientist at L.E.K. Consulting in Australia and has held other technology and data science roles in major retail organisations. Joshua has a BEng (Software) from the University of Sydney.

Sheila Fitzpatrick

Chief Privacy Officer / Global Data Protection Advisor

Sheila FitzPatrick acts as the Chief Privacy Officer and Global Data Protection Adviser at Smash Delta. She is passionate about demystifying data privacy and protection to equip senior leaders to drive an innovation agenda with clarity and confidence.
With over thirty-five years’ experience in global data privacy, data protection and sovereignty compliance, Sheila is considered one of the world’s leading experts in data privacy laws. She works closely with the US Government, Council of the European Union, and a range of other data councils and law enforcement agencies around the world. Sheila also advises numerous multinational and Fortune 500 companies on data privacy and best practice. As a multi-jurisdictional expert, Sheila is responsible for developing, managing and implementing worldwide data privacy compliance programs (including the new EU General Data Protection Regulation - GDPR) while positioning data privacy compliance as a competitive advantage.
Sheila holds positions on the European Union Data Protection Advisory Council, the Asia Pacific Data Protection Framework Advisory Board, the Latin American Data Privacy Forum, the SNIA Privacy Council, the Canadian PIPEDA Advisory Board, and the Pacific Rim Privacy and Cybersecurity Advisory Group. Sheila was appointed to the Board of Directors of Truata, one of Europe’s first data trusts based in Dublin, Ireland, in August 2018. Trūata was founded in 2018 by Mastercard and IBM to help organizations conduct analytics in full compliance with the European Union GDPR.

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