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Road Repair Visualiser

Client: State Government Transport Department

The ProblemA State Government Transport Department faced an urgent need to respond to external stakeholders requests around the state of road repairs. The Department needed to be able to rapidly respond to requests with a static capture of the current state of road repairs, and the work that was being accomplished. This information needed to be aggregated to different geospatial boundaries relevant to that stakeholder.The ApproachSmash Delta responded through the deployment of its standard digital process, in a rapid time frame and strong data component. The Smash Delta digital process is brought to life in Delta Quest, and can be summarised as having the following stages:
  • Context: This was kept minimal, leveraging current foundational context as a trusted partner to this department.
  • Data: Relevant data sources were transformed into a data asset that could be rapidly aggregated to different geospatial boundaries. Key insightful metrics were developed on top of this asset.
  • Design: Interface mockups were quickly created and iterated on with the client.
  • Build & Deploy: The final proof of concept was rapidly built and deployed leveraging the Smash Geo ecosystem
The ResultA proof of concept tool leveraging the Smash Geo ecosystem was built and deployed in the response time as required. While the tool fulfilled the urgent need, it also demonstrated the art of what’s possible using a next gen technology data and digital stack.

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