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Mobility Insights Data Strategy

Client: State Government Agency

the Problem
Smash Delta was appointed as independent advisor regarding the procurement and enablement of a mobility insights data capability within a State Government agency. The requirement of a comprehensive strategy for this mobility insights capability grew from:
  • Complexity - the way the data had both been created and needs to be used is extremely complex;
  • Risk - without appropriate education, there is potential for the data to be misused, or drive erroneous decision making;
  • Responsibility - the State Government agency is accountable to the public and to the data provider for responsible use of the data capabilities;
Furthering this, Smash Delta recognised an opportunity for the strategy to drive a new model and way of working - applicable to new and existing data assets and capabilities within the agency.
The Approach
In order to ensure the most effective and sustainable capabilities were created, Smash Delta leveraged service design thinking approaches. Core to our approach was forming a collaborative team with our client to share knowledge, trade ideas and co-create the solution.
As an independent advisor, Smash Delta validated and assessed the mobility insights data capability - gaining clarity on available and emerging capabilities of the platform. This enabled the client team to understand what use cases could be developed immediately.
Extensive interviews with stakeholders across the client organisation were conducted to gather business needs, but also to educate stakeholders on the current data capabilities - being a crucial element to align  business unit priorities and expectations with the emerging capability. In addition, this enabled the data provider to augment their technical development roadmap and prioritise areas for product enhancement.
The Result
An implementation strategy was created to both limit access to the data (to ensure only trained and responsible parties had access) and also create a community of expert users around the capability - to own the continual development of the capability and foster growth of the user base.
Targeted use cases, based on prioritised areas of business need were analysed and validated in partnership with the client team. This analysis was showcased in an interactive storytelling data-visualisation that provided context, aligned expectations and generated excitement around the mobility insights data.
The strategic framework has been fully implemented in the client organisation and has since proven to be a stable and valuable foundation to enable effective development of mobility insights capability across a variety of high-impact use cases.

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