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Smash Delta is a consulting team with a difference: the power to actualise the latest in analytics and technology, directed at the problems and opportunities that matter.

Our mission: to leap corporate and government organisations forward into a data-enabled future.

We understand the importance of bringing the disparate technological and strategic components of the analytics landscape together in a unified plan.

We offer a rapid, comprehensive path forward for major government and corporate organisations — while demonstrating proof of the plan in action.

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What does a holistic data strategy cover?


Identifying commercially-valuable projects and quantifying the impact.


Leveraging the latest technologies and techniques in a unified way - demonstrating measurable outcomes.


Equipping the organisation with new tools and skills in analytics.

Culture / Policy

Generating an internal culture that sustains data innovation and an external policy that is forward thinking on privacy and data equity.

Types of questions a data strategy can answer:

  • How do we use data to prevent customer churn?
  • How can we increase operational efficiencies?
  • What does ethical and innovative use of data look like in action and how do we create a policy that puts our customers first?
  • How do I upskill my current staff so they can make an impact with analytics?
  • How do we get a better understanding of our customers to improve path to purchase and develop new profitable products?
  • What data do we have where and what can we do with it?